Out and About in Maryland

Out and About in MarylandThe lovely state of Maryland is an awesome place to explore by car. From its beautiful parks to places of scenic and historic significance, you will have an extraordinary journey with scenic roads and relaxing routes.

During the Fall migration, when some 35,000 geese and 12,000 ducks fly through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and the leaves on the trees range from a brilliant gold to a solemn red, a drive through this area can be a profound experience indeed.

During the winter, the refuge is home to bald eagles. In fact, chances are in this enchanting reserve you will see something wild and beautiful, whether it is a Delmarva fox squirrel, a peregrine falcon, a nutria or an osprey on the dive for fish.

The moment you drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you will notice life calming down. A drive through this understated and peaceful countryside will remind you of another era from America’s rural past. Here you will find little league baseball games every summer night and the owners of mom-and-pop grocery stores still working behind the counter. The feel is authentic and heart warming.

The Eastern Shore is home to a myriad of small port towns, fishing villages and some charming resorts. This is not the sort of place you will find the usual, standardized resort hotels, sure you can find those places here in towns like Easton and Ocean City, but why would you want to when you can stay in a cabin on the beach. Here you can rent your own sailboat and take it out on the water in the evening.

If you are travelling by car, the eastern seaboard’s major north-south link from Maine to Florida, I-95, passes through Baltimore and central Maryland. Other interstate highways that traverse Maryland are I-83, which connects Baltimore with Harrisburg and points north; I-70 and I-68, which connect Western Maryland to the rest of the state and to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.